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Ironton-Lawrence Community Action Organization



Homeless Resources

Community and Housing Resources for Homeless Individuals Apartment Listing Resources Name Target Population Contact # Project Type Column 4 10th Street Apartment Complex single/family-income eligible [...]


Community Services

Community Services Block Grant Although it represents only a fraction of the CAO’s total budget, the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) service is noteworthy because it [...]



Click Here for Routes and Schedules Public Transportation On March 23rd, 2007, Governor Ted Strickland designated the Lawrence County Port Authority as the recipient [...]


Senior Services

Senior Services CAO Senior Services provides services to homebound elderly clients in addition to center-based services in Chesapeake and Ironton. The department provides a coordinated effort [...]


Housing Management

Housing Management The CAO's Housing Management Department provides affordable high-quality housing for those in need. In 2003, Ironton-Lawrence County CAO received management responsibilities for rental housing [...]


Family Guidance Center

Services Offered to Adults and Adolescents Adult & Adolescent Mental Health, Alcohol & Drug Service Anger Management/Domestic Violence Service Children-focused Therapy Family Therapy Parenting Service Suboxone [...]


Homeless Services

Click here for Community and Housing Resources for the Homeless Homeless Services: Healthcare for the Homeless, Homeless Housing, and Organizational Representative Payee Service (ORP) available [...]

Income Based Services

Many of our services are based on financial need defined by the poverty guidelines set by the Federal and State funding agencies. Each Community Action department has different requirements, so be sure to talk to each department before deciding if you may be eligible for assistance. Use the Self-Sufficiency Calculator to help you better understand your position.

Self-Sufficiency Calculator