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Tips for preparing your child for preschool

Preschool is BIG deal – for your child

Getting started with preschool is probably one of the biggest steps for your child. At the same time, as parents, you too have a significant role in preparing them for this entirely new experience. So if your child is prepping for preschool in the next couple of weeks and you’re completely baffled about how and where to start, here’s a quick scoop on the things you can do to make this experience truly rewarding for your child.

Don’t Get Too Worked Up

Although going to preschool is one of the biggest leaps for your little one, there’s no point in getting all panicked and worked up months in advance. At times, parents build up the idea of preschool so much ahead of time that when school actually starts, it becomes extremely overwhelming for the child. As parents, you can be excited, worked up, and anxious about your child’s preschool, but instead of being serious and authoritative try to bring up the topic in a casual way. Also, try doing this only two to four weeks before your child actually starts with preschool. This will not get them overwhelmed and also give them the necessary time to sink in about this one, big change.

Create a Routine

If you really want your child to take the right decision and act responsibly, nothing can work better than coming up with a proper schedule. Don’t be too hard with your child on the routine. Come up with something that will ease the process of transition and help them sync with the preschool setting. When you come up with a proper routine, you also get a chance to teach your child about order, sequences and the concept of time. If your child follows an established routine for some time, it will ensure a smoother transition. It will help them be mentally prepared and also provide them the necessary framework for creative learning.

Morning and bedtime habits are key

Your little preschooler will soon get a sense of assurance and belonging, if you consistently stick with a morning and bedtime schedule. Not only will it help you to connect with your child, but it will also make them more attentive and responsive. For the early morning schedule, you can come up a list of work like helping them make their own bed, getting them dressed, feeding them their breakfast, helping them brush teeth, and finally assembling their personal stuff. You can help your child with these chores in the initial days, but they will soon get the hang of it and manage to do their stuff on their own.

Set a Time for Reading Every Day

One of the best activities that you can do to make your child ready for preschool is reading. No matter how hectic and tedious your schedule is, make it a point to read to your child on a daily basis. This will kindle their love for reading and also play a vital role in enhancing their vocabulary. The best part: it will be easier for them to cope up with preschool if you read to them and if they understand how reading works.

Try these four simple tasks to make your child ready for preschool and watch your child get all prepped up and ready for their first, big event.


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