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Healthcare for the Homeless and Organizational Representative Payee Service (ORP)

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Project Description

Organizational Representative Payee Service (ORP)

The Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Representative Payment service provides assistance to the most vulnerable members of society-the young, the elderly, and the disabled, who are unable to manage their Social Security or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.

SSA pays these people through representative payees who receive and manage payments on behalf of beneficiaries. For a small segment of the population, traditional networks of support are not available, and SSA looks to state, local or community sources to fill the need. These sources are called Organizational Representative Payees.

Ironton-Lawrence County CAO’s Homeless Services is an Organizational Payee for the Social Security Administration’s SSA service. A representative payee receives and manages the beneficiary’s payments and uses the funds for the care and benefit of the beneficiary. The ORP service sees that a beneficiary’s Social Security benefit is spent for the beneficiary’s current and reasonably foreseeable needs, saved or invested for the beneficiary, if the current needs are met, and that good records are maintained in those efforts.

Our Health Care for the Homeless Service estimates that there are more than 900 homeless people living in Lawrence County.

Healthcare For The Homeless

Homelessness continues to be a pervasive problem throughout this country, affecting rural as well as urban and suburban communities. Lawrence County is no exception to national trends. Bad economic conditions due to job loss, mental health/substance abuse, and disability are pervasive here too. We have seen the loss of huge numbers of manufacturing jobs, which has contributed to our rising number of homeless individuals and families. Ironton-Lawrence County CAO coordinates a pilot service providing health care and related services to rural and Appalachian individuals, who are homeless. All services, including adult and pediatric medicine, dental, optical, podiatry, mental health, substance abuse, transportation, and pharmaceuticals are provided by contract. Outreach services assist difficult-to-reach homeless persons in accessing care and providing assistance in establishing eligibility for entitlement services and housing. Local churches and the City Mission provide emergency food, clothing, and shelter.

Shirlene G. Dalton, HCH & ORP Outreach Representative

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Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm