Family Guidance Center

Counseling and Therapy Services for Adults and Children

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Project Description

Services Offered to Adults and Adolescents

  • Adult & Adolescent Mental Health, Alcohol & Drug Service
  • Anger Management/Domestic Violence Service
  • Children-focused Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Parenting Service
  • Suboxone Support Service
  • Spectra Girls Group

Family Guidance Center

Initially, this service was funded by State grants and the local United Way and served clients with alcohol and chemical dependency problems. By 1985, service providers had begun to recognize the effects of addiction on the entire family. The name of the service was changed to its current name, the Family Guidance Center. It has continued to evolve beyond its original mission, adding behavioral health services and mental health counseling. Center staff also provides community education and maintains a speakers’ bureau. Family Guidance Center expanded its parameters in 1990 to include prevention and in 1996 to include mental health services. Family Guidance Center’s mission statement is three fold: 1.) Empower the lives of people in the region through evidence-based prevention, education, intervention and abstinence-based treatment of drug and alcohol problems. 2.) Promote the general mental health and well being of individuals in order to enhance relationships, families and personal lifestyles through quality, timely and comprehensive Mental Health services. 3.) Serve the public at large with comprehensive, timely, and effective mental health, drug and alcohol services through effective relationships with referring agencies. Family Guidance Center is located in the Ohio Means Jobs One Stop Center, which focuses on a recovery model providing needed services so each individual and family can function at its highest level.

The Center works with numerous county agencies-the Lawrence County Juvenile and Municipal Courts, the Department of Job and Family Services, Social Security, the Family Medical Centers, Domestic Violence Services, One Stop Partners, and Vocational Training Services.

John Hurley, Clinical Director
Phone: 740-414-2247
Fax: 740-532-0557


Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm